Our range in generators span from 10 K.V.A. to 1000 K.V.A. and with 50 Hz or 60 Hz which are suitable for offshore applications also. All those generators to be used for offshore are skid-mounted and spark arrested. Also, they all have computerized and automatic shut-down systems.

CAT features include:

  • The full package for Complete generators set and switchgear available are from one manufacturer.
  • Are very compact and modular ranging to 4040 KW or KVA.
  • Our Generator insulation standards meet or exceed Class F requirements.If breakdown takes more than one day for repair then we have a replacement facility.
  • We carry out tropicalization for extending life in moist, dirty or sandy environments.
  • A robust Solid State overload protection.


  • The following brands available with us are GEN POWER, CAT, ATLAS COPCO….

Other Details:

  • We insure our machines
  • Our scope is Maintainence.
  • If breakdown takes more than one day for repair then we have a replacement facility.
  • Certified Operators and 3rd Party Insured are available.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Availability: For Purchase or Hire.
  • Fuel: will be supplied at extra cost.
  • Payment: will be as per the Rental Agreement.
  • Delivery: will be against LPO/ Subject to availability.


  • During the event of a machine breakdown, the contact details will be as mentioned in the quotation or rental agreement.
  • The Off-hire notice should be fixed at least 1 day before the termination of rental period.
  • There will be extra charge on Machine mobilization and demobilization, depending upon capacity and location.

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